Since her childhood, her parents took her to all the cultural activities she could. At age 18 she began to travel, present performances, exhibitions, and parades. She has been a business designer, freelance, teacher, career coordinator lecturer, stylist, buyer and coolhunter. Visionary on creating new formulas of work to create WEF that aim to return the passion and motivation of the profession and the trade through work experiences.

Gisela Fortuna


I met her during her paid internships at WEF, then she stayed to work and the companies are delighted with her. One day I needed an employee and she needed a stable job. We started little by little, but she very quickly learned to manage everything. She has an ability to do well everything she touches and get ahead of the action before being asked to. Today she is my shadow, my right hand, my better half, she allows me to have moments of rest.

Adriana Baca

Assistant director

I met her doing her WEF paid internships. One day we went for a coffee and discovered that we had thousands of ideas in common. Everything that she proposed to me was just what I needed and so everything continued, with thousands of unplanned coincidences that we let happen.

Yukiko Uscanga

Head Designer and Trade Representative in Mexico

I met Aurora in ESNE, she was my student and she had incredible jobs in her first year of the career, we met at the end of her studies after four years, already as professionals and with the same connection as the first time. Our product designer is Aurora.

Aurora Alonso

Product Manager

I met him about seven years ago working for ESNE. He always understood what I was looking for and he strengthened it on his designs. Miguel is our graphic designer and transforms our words, ideas and dreams into posters, advertisements or T-shirts.

Miguel Rejas

Graphic Designer

I met her in México Querétaro and like from all places I take someone, this time I stayed with her. A sweet, hardworking, motivated person who fights for her dreams. She organized the Guanajuato Tour in 2017 and today she is our representative in the area. We are very proud to have her on our team.

Kary Luna

Sales Promoter in Querétaro y Guanajuato,México

Jhiazen Wu

WEF representative in China

Michelle Rioja


Our support in the face of adversity and when in doubt. Because to be a good leader you have to know yourself, know how to let go and face the changes. Proud of my team and my two guardian angels.

Manuel Riobo


I met her in México, Puebla. She understood and supported our project from the first day. Today she is our representative in Puebla and we got to know each other much more in the tour of 2017 and supporting with the fear of the earthquake as we could.

Natalia de la Vega

WEF representative in Puebla, México

Our support in the face of adversity and when in doubt. Because to be a good leader you have to know yourself, know how to let go and face the changes. Proud of my team and my two guardian angels.



I met her in Barcelona. She is passionate about her profession and the Argentine culture. I was in a hurry but she caught everything I said and I kept exchanging opinions with her. A visionary, an engineer of the patterns. She made me appreciate the profession of the patronistas. 

Inés Monge

Pattern maker

We began to work with Patroneo Key, an accessible, economic program, for all and compatible. A transparent, coherent and balanced person. I was lucky enough to visit his home and school that coexist in total balance. An example of overcoming, of personal harmony and of proposing a radical change in the world of the exclusivity of the millionaire computer-based pattern programs.

Ignacio Trigo

Owner of Patroneo Key

Shingo Sato was the first celebrity that answered my emails and came to start WEF in 2014. Since then his support in all of our tours has been unconditional and we are very proud to have him in our team.

Shingo Sato

Designer and pattern maker

Julian Roberts


Luisa Gaviria

Sales promoter in Colombia

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